Only 42 cars in nacar this week ,after adding 3or4 ? IS THIS RIGHT,,LOL

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They have 43

I read 43 also but the economy is where all the cars are...

But wait, what about all the 'look at all the fortune 500 companies in nascar now' talk that was force fed through the media pipeline a few weeks ago? I'm thinking corporate nascar is doing just fine...

wrong website...LOL


Tommy Baldwin has taken the 7 and with it, he is taking the mantle for running full time with a tight budget.

He is serving as owner and crew chief to maximize his finances

J, MARKS, R,FELLOWS, B,SAID, V.GONZALER, T,DRISSI, P.HARRATE, J,VILLENEWE. 7 + FILL IN. 3 OF THE 7 WAS GOOD AT ONE TIME BUT NEVER IN CUP.SO #36 REG,Then you have a good 15 or so that shouldnt even be in will never go to A cup race if it stays like it is now..


West coast trip.. car count will be low.

were is robby. nascar at Sonoma not the same without him :(


maybe they will decide to join SST instead.


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