Looks like RGM added Traxxas to the side, and back of the Hummer. They make awesome RC stuff. A single cylinder motor running 65 mph, fun stuff!

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1/8 nitro buggy or even truggy is just terrible on the beach. They have that flat chassis that high centers every time you stop. Having a truck with the clearance that the Maxx had was cool. Adding 1/8 driveline and power to it made it too much fun on the sand. I have buggys, on road cars, a motorcycle, even a surfer, and they are all great for what they do. But Robby's Cup car would suck in Dakar, and the Hummer would get killed at Daytona. Same with R/C cars.
I'm just waiting for Traxxas to build the 77 TT & 302 Hummer! Please Traxxas get these produced soon!
me too


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