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RG was added to entry list today .... sweet...

Robby Gordon is competing in the 2017 Vegas 2 Reno race.

Qualifying is on Wednesday, August 16 at 3pm/et (12pm/pt)

Racing on Friday, August 18th

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Tranny or motor ???
Fixable or not?
RG DNF in V2R qualifying!? Does this mean no racing for RG?

looks that way

Not fixable,. fu...not even looking for a ride with another team?

Hoping he hops in the Potts truck

No sign of Robby here as of 11 am pst, bummer.
Just a couple pics.
#6120 Diesel brothers in the safety craft truck . This should be good Lol

Have to see how this works on adjusted time. No conformation if RG is racing today. Hoping TOG will get us an update sometime, knowing he is busy.

RG will be racing with Potts,. not sure who started the race,. check Potts racing on instagram.


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