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RG was added to entry list today .... sweet...

Robby Gordon is competing in the 2017 Vegas 2 Reno race.

Qualifying is on Wednesday, August 16 at 3pm/et (12pm/pt)

Racing on Friday, August 18th

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Vegas To Reno Update: Top 10 at RM150 of 500

2. Cole Potts (Robby Gordon) (4 seconds behind)
3. Cameron Steele
4. Tony Smiley
5. Tim Herbst
7. Bryce Menzies
8. Justin Matney
9. Tracy Grf
10. Troy Herbst

Gordon gets in the truck at RM300

Cole was stopped for appr 5mins , probable flat where he was stopped. Good pace now
I was wrong , Cole lost 16 mins

12 Trucks through at RM200. Cole Potts (Gordon) 12th on corrected. 2nd to 12th splits are at roughly 15 min.

Vegas To Reno Top 5 at RM250

1. Voss
2. Steele +29s
3. Baldwin +2m45s
4. Matney +2m48s
5. Herbst +4m23s

13. Potts/Gordon +19m6s

Robby Gordon races the truck beginning at RM300

and st RM 257, Cole is stopped

Kinda long for a flat.

Rolling , thru 288

robby moving now

RM342 at 64.0 mph for Robby Gordon

#60 at RM 371 5:36pm pt


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