RG was added to entry list today .... sweet...

Robby Gordon is competing in the 2017 Vegas 2 Reno race.

Qualifying is on Wednesday, August 16 at 3pm/et (12pm/pt)

Racing on Friday, August 18th

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RG running thru the pack now RM398

That didn't take long

Stopped now

I've pitted at rawhide it's WAAAAY out there

Easy to go backwards and get to a racecar though

Voss with the W over Mattney (was Matney running the 2 diesel engine powered 4WD thingy?)

Yep again .... Lol

BJ might actually finish

and he did

and the #60 finished 28th in class +6:10:46 behind winner Voss

https://instagram.com/p/BX9WnAIg5Yp/ I know of 3 times Voss and East have Won. Good for those guys.

I hate to be the pedantic idiot to say this, but wouldn't this be a good time to put a shield on the oil pump belt? So this doesn't happen again?


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