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I'm not impressed yet. Who is the driver I wonder?

nobody I can remember the name's of or their past performance in South America,just say'n

Looks to be between an SST size and an F-150, also 4 wheel drive. Water cooled brakes ?

Water cooled Brembos on the rear caught my eye too, interesting...

Yes, interesting. Also one more thing to break.

Good looking Ranger. I think that's the shortest bed I've ever seen. Might fit a dirt bike TIRE, but that's about it!

Thanks for sharing Mike.

Somehow I get the feeling efforts such as this one of Ford of South Africa, are not on par with factory efforts such as this:

I know its code for a Planeteer to have ZERO love for the X-Raid Minis, but I still enjoy learning about them. Winning Dakar means beating the X-Raid Minis. In the video the point is made that the Dakar is the biggest race of the year for them.

I think the V8 is in for some trouble. Robby's V8 is north of 600HP. Even with the restrictor he's making more power than the unrestricted Ford. I think Ford should have put an Eco-boost in it and prove what its capable of.

I'm not up to snuff on Dakar classes, could this be a lower class entry ?

That thing looks worse than nassir's bugly's, someone had to say it!


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