I barely tolerate NASCAR . . . when I watch, I watch for only one reason, to see how Robby Gordon and his boys are doing. When Robby runs a SCORE event, I find my self scouring the Internet for information, thank God for rd.c & the Planet, if not for them I wouldn't know a damn thing. For two weeks in January I find myself addicted to the Dakar rally and the exploits of Robby Gordon Motorsports.
I just read Ramses Perez's "Survival is key". The absolute shit the boys have gone through these last three days and Ramses still is loving it, living it, and sharing it. Thank you Ramses!
I want to thank the admins at the Planet, you contribute to my habit yet are kind enough to provide the fix free of charge. I appreciate the work you do.

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Worse now than yesterday. Just got finished cutting a hole in my drywall and thawing out a water pipe. Seven below and STILL 35mph wind (high wind in KS...imagine that.)
Hey man someone needs to scare you straight.

I start here:

then go here:

then here:

But then I always find my self back here tracking the status of 528 like cheap beer after midnight. Mmmmm it goes down smooth.
So what's the story with the 528? Since you're up!!
Not sure.There through KM244 They were scored at CP1. They appear to have missed the start. Perhaps starter error or they didn't make it there on time. Either way they have been on the stage for eight hours now, which seems to go contrary to th WD notice on dakar.com... Oh well I am sure we will find out tonight.

.....BURP..... HIC--UP.... Still Smooth

the only part of NASCAR that I enjoy is listening to Robby on the scanner, very entertaining, and chatting with everyone here. I've accept my addiction, my son refers to the cabinet full of stuff and wall with race photos I have as "the shrine" which tells me my family notices and my accepts my addction. But I also search for stuff for/about BJ and Casey Currie and normally no one is providing me with much about them.
I can't agree with you more!!!


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