I am planning to attend this event and was looking for the start time in the sd fair website and there schedule says June27-28, is the 29th only for RG?

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ill be racing with a friend and brother friday event in a yota class 7/1450 talking my little girl to watch shelby anderson as well since she hooked her up at SST SanDiego

Hey Rene, hate to miss that. Can't go till the weekend. That's a great time. Good Luck. Be sure to give us info on all that we miss. Will be looking forward to it !! Put up a short video.

Rene, going to miss that too, going today, off.

yes i will get a video to put up forsure! and i saw robby might be there Saturday? thought i read that on your discussion but didnt catch it till today

The truck left the shop on Wednesday, hopefully it will be there by Saturday :)

soooo much more excited now i think i will have to be there sat also

Brandon walsh was there today, I was surpised when I saw the black SPEED truck entering the arena

nice heard there was pretty awesome trucks there leaving tonight for the hilton in delmar gunuh wrench on the truck abit tomorrow make sure everything is torqued down and we run at 1 and 5!

Yea saw McNiel on the side of the freeway, broke down, and quiet of few arriving on that hotel by the arena
Today and tommorow tuff truck times are 1 and 5 pm, sat is not on the book but they must have added sat. After it was printed, so for sure same times 1pm and 5pm, sorry I wont get to see Rene and Nick Tonelli ra ce tommorow bummer

racing action was awesome nick tonelli and shelby anderson did great! couple duds put em on their lids didnt look fun their day was over. our game plan was to finish! and drive our truck on the trailer so it can be played with later..and mission success!! took first run slow. did good when alittle faster on the second run. we were offered a third run but our radiator looked like it was hanging on one bolt so we decided to live and fight another day.its mounted in the front so it gives us the motivation to plumb it to the rear. we by no means are a high dollar team. i mean there were nice linked trucks beefing it rolling blowing turns our little leaf spring setup with tripple bypasses put in work. truck is a tank i now consider it a TUFF truck LOL! since we survived the chaos.jus plane old fun! herd the jumps were bigger than they ever have been. it was a first for me being launched 4-5 feet in the air. it was AWESOME!

Well Robby did not show up for the autographs at the fair,went fishing for a MasterCraft


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