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I know the usual folks are the ones that start the "Main Thread"....(remember ...thread......that tern has been serviced right?)....but if or not this remains the one is yet to be seen. I just wanted to jump in the mud and get that old taste in my mouth again if I could as far as this upcoming event is concerned ...and of course some side bars I'm sure. First off I'd like to say that I think it's a good thing that the series is international. It has been said perhaps in not sarcastic....more like "listen MAN" fashion that these are "paying gigs". And that's awesome right? Folks in other countries want Robby to come there and put on this show. Perhaps that big island will see the light and they return there. Complete with an SST concession stand selling Black frosting Doughnuts that look like tires. However there is a sad side for me when it comes to all this international traveling and shows off in the distance. Perhaps I'm wrong and I hope I am. I recall the first race where these trucks combined some pavement with the original format and there was that ......ooooohhhh hold on second here. This looks good. And the rest is history and an evolution of sorts. But my thought is, did the United States fan base fail to recognize and underwrite this program where upon the international market "saved" it....? My heart felt opinion is that of disappointment that this racing never put the stranglehold on the throats of the off road truck racing world here in the good ol' U.S of A. I have a cousin who was racing at the Jamboree in Pennsylvania a couple weeks or so back. I'm surprised at his lack of awareness.....Only after I "showed him the light" did he follow. I think it's great the series is a sort of globe trotter...I really do. But i'd feel better if I seen a bunch of 8 year old kids here at home who were running around Watkins Glen with SST/ Robby Gordon/ Speed Energy/ Traxas shirts on. You know what they say "the future of our sport" and all that . I just hope this international laden schedule is not one of need....true need for surviva, but rather one of true in We Want You Here Please Come...! And i'm no marketing expert ...I can't even sell myself unless I'm cooking or twisting wrenches or a fishing reel, but watching Max drive that truck at the shop.....This young man would be beyond gold in getting young, young young fans to get their mothers and fathers to know, don't make me say it. I have no idea the legal mumbo jumbo horse crap involved in "How Old" ..."How Young"....PPPPBBBBD Here's to great success in China I can't wait to see the fans reaction there even though I large part of my heart will feel bad for the kids here at home, who are totally in the dark. Saturday Mornings watching Mickey Thompson series.....if not bits and pieces in the cut up this sport that sport ice skating praying they would return to the race....Wide world of disappointment...... And remember folks its blathering ......not blabbering...champing not chomping. Is it want or is it need...? I don't know i'm not in the meeting. Call one day ahead of time and the best food in town will be hot and ready when you get here. Over and ...Out.

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Thank you Michael for "blathering". I think some of us are thinking the same thing, on and off, now and then. It would be wonderful to see more SST races here in the US. I'd love to go and see one again here in the midwest.

Id love to be able to buy Speed here in the US...

You have other options for that

SST doesn't have the luxury of having mainstream live TV deal (although TOG-TV has been pretty good) to reduce the pressure of turnstile count (see TORC & LOORRS), SST has to go where the paid gigs, eyeballs, and butts in the seats are to help grow the series. And that means more international events.


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