This suspicious vehicle was spotted by our aerial spotters at NH MotorSpeedway today. Based on eye witness testimony from other venues it was identified as the elusive Robby Gordon MotorSports Souvenir Hauler. It is HIGHLY recommended that anyone traveling to New Hampshire Motorspeedway this weekend ensure they have plenty of money. It was spotted on the souvenir midway near section GN
There are several rumors surrounding this sighting, such as any purchases made will be free of any government tax, which we did confirm, and also that purchases made at the hauler will have free shipping. The shipping rumor has yet to be confirmed, and we will be sending a undercover team tomorrow to make a purchase and confirm that.
There are also allegations made from a group of "truthers" who are saying the placement near a Danica hauler is to draw people to her hauler and also that the Danica people may sneak over and steal all the number 7 stickers.
More details to follow.

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cool deal.Hasn't been up in NH for a few years.
Yes it has been years, And now I have the bragging rights to making the FIRST purchase in years.
Oh and I forgot tpo add. Shipping was free, with a little Ethenol
I wounder if @Skiptravels had anything to do with it's movement....
you can thank me later.
I'll Thank You now
Same here.
Thanks KW!
KW,you be the man............
Lots of folks kept getting mad about the fact that the merch rig hadn't been to NHMS in a few years. Got a few nasty emails so I told him how many people would love if it was there. He just thought it wouldn't sell well. Fingers crossed.
Doing the best I can, spent $120 so far. The local fans are happy, even if it was cut to once a year it would be appreciated. Looking forward to tell him personally Sunday 10:00-11:15.
It's making my weekend more enjoyable.
If I had know, I may have gone to the race. I was there in the spring, when the swag wasn't. Maybe you can arrange a stop on I495 on the way back to NC so I can buy a few things?
Maybe with the souvy trailer/appearance and the happy New England Robby fans, Kevin will give advance notice as to when the souvy trailer/appearances will make an appearance.


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