Haven't seen a discussion started for it yet.. maybe that means I'll be the only one there??

If anyone else is going and wants to meet up for a drink or two (or wants info on Toronto; I used to live there and know a lot about the city), share a comment.

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Patrick Carpentier is going to be there too... great exposure for SST

Or maybe not - isn't listed below on the practice sheet. Anyone heard if Rick Johnson or Jeff Ward still in the mix?

Not here.


Practice times ...

Wow. Creeds a beast. Good for PJ too. Hopefully he keeps it off its lid

Is Nick and Arie going to be racing?

No Canadian drivers license.
What happened to jimmy vasser and Paul Tracy?
Looks like they found a replacement for Vasser but still short one truck. Raced with only seven. WTF?
Hope it's nothing serious. Maybe this is what Paul Tracy did not race. Not enough experience in SST.

PT is from Toronto. He has TV commentating commitments and probably isn't in the best of shape for running these cars... let me see, what other excuse might he have... he's turned into a wuss...Sorry RG, he's let us down too... :-(


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