Haven't seen a discussion started for it yet.. maybe that means I'll be the only one there??

If anyone else is going and wants to meet up for a drink or two (or wants info on Toronto; I used to live there and know a lot about the city), share a comment.

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except you gorobbygo. I already know you're going to be there. I'll try not to spill my beer on ya.

Yep, I'm right beside you. But I went a little nuts and bought a pit pass too.
TOG, if he gets his passport in time.

yes, forgot about that. I am gonna buy him a beer for all the hard work he does here.. Do you like beer TOG?

if he doesn't answer.I think he drinks Pepsi. TOG bring your own,Canadian Pepsi is weird/different,just say'n.

nope. I rarely drink Pepsi. I've cut back on soda consumption.

Hope he pays the extra $$$$ to get in in 1 week. I say this from the other side of the border. You can not be denied entrace back to the states is you are a U.S. citizen, pic Id and birth certificate is all that is needed.

I remember the days we didn't need a passport to cross the border by land... "the good old days"


yes, when we used to cross and just say American Citizen and not even ask for ID, lol then they got wise after so many years when people who where not legal residence started to get caught and they would tell the officer hey I did not lie, I said American citizen just did not say of what country..lol

we just used to present our drivers license at the border crossing near my home.. that was good enough "back then"

it's an American crossing back into US thing.Always has been.The Canadian's welcome US with open arms.


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