According SHR today at Michigan, it appears Tony Stewart will miss the remainder of the season, leaving 13 more races for a replacement. Austin Dillion was tabbed for this weekend with sponsor Bass Pro Shops' help and slated to drive one more event TBD. That still leaves 12 races for SHR to replace to injured Tony Stewart. This has to be any driver's dream if they wanted an opportunity to open some doors. This is a Championship caliber team that sits 12th in Owner Points.

Would love to to see Robby drive in SHR equipment. Have to think the available pool of drivers is limited:
Besides Robby, Regan Smith, Elliott Sadler and Mark Martin are obvious options. Would think Regan Smith will get a serious look with Hendrick/Dale Jr ties. Not sure if there are any NW schedule conflicts and with Sadler and Martin driving for Toyota that might become a roadbloack. Robby would be fun to watch at any track in that 14 car...but I'd be suprised if Regan Smith didn't get the nod.

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What about Bobby LaBonte? He and Tony hung out a little with JGR (Tony was a teammate with JJ Yeley too but doubt he'd get the nod). Really the only race I'd like to see RG behind the wheel of the #14 is Talladega... not sure if there would be a conflict but Robby would be a good choice for the SuperSpeedway.

Regan Smith

I still feel he got lucky there.. I know gotta be there at the end but.. still a lot of luck for Regan.

Loudon NH might now be bad...RG won there

Let's hope so, my tickets came in the mail 3 weeks ago

Ken Schrader is who I'd like to see.

The young Blaney kid............there's a lot of good wheelmen around who never sniff what some people call "Good Equipment".......It's all in the money spent you heard it how many times right here ...on this sight. Blaney might not be some marketing treasure chest like the little kid in the #10 but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts Blaney is as much if not way better than a few............It goes to show you, Hey Biffle is a good driver I make no case there however he has undergone the "hollywood" makeover in terms of looks and presentation of word. If Tony has any real say let him put his money where his mouth is and give the wheel to a young up and comer that "he knows" has the right stuff.........who ever it might be.........but for gods sake stop shoving some little boy at me and tell how smart it is to let go of the wheel during a crash........or what a great day it is to bring hendrick equipment home in 20th.......

With the Road Courses complete, Robby isn't on the list. I wouldn't mind seeing Regan Smith get it. I think he got shafted by FRM. I'm glad he's running well in Nationwide. Seems like a humble, deserving guy.

Regan is the obvious choice, he is a great driver, with good equipment will get a top 10 every time and perhaps a win.

I'll take a one beer bet that Regan does not get a top 10 every time in the in?

I will make a bet that Regan won't be in the #14 for more than half the events. Bet there will be another couple of Childress grandson races and maybe a surprise...

Trevor Bayne would be a good choice if he isn't running the 21.


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