Hi All!  If you can, please take a second & VOTE for Ryan Hunter-Reay as the Firestone Tire-ific Move of the Race on www.IndyCar.com!  We need all the help we can get & I know how great you all are at voting!!!


If you didn't watch RHR led the majority of the IndyCar race yesterday in Sao Paulo, Brazil but finished 2nd after his overtake button was malfunctioning! :(


(PS- today it was officially announced that DirecTV & Versus have come to an agreement!  ...finally)


THANK YOU!!!! -Beccy

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Got my vote in!! Good luck to RHR!
Reminds me of the 2006 scanner vote in days.
Voting just ended. RHR had 57% to VM's 41%, and WP had 2%! Alsome, my mouse is dead! Time for some Inn-n-out!
Congrats to RHR and Beccy.
WAY TO GO!!! Beccy, thanks for letting us know so we could support the cause. Planet Power!!


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