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I know it's a little early,but I would like to wish everyone here at Planet Robby a very Merry Christmas and hope everyone is safe on this holiday.

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Happy holidays everybody !
Merry Christmas and . wait, somebody is coming down my chimney. Gotta go!
Merry Christmas everyone, hears to wishing everyone a great new years and a safe and great financial future for all next year.  Now on to Dakar and let the fun begin....Gas on RG
marry christmas planet robby and speed the best drink ever i gave it to people for xmas hope i hooked them in need to put a bio card about Robby in the 4 packs of every thing robby has done
Merry Christmas to all all at Planetrobby, and all everywhere.  Here's hoping for a better 2011 and employment for everyone.  GasOn Robby at Dakar!  Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas to my planet family!
Merry Christmas to everybody!
Add my name to the Planet Robby Christmas Card. Merry Christmas everyone and let's start the New Year with a win.
thanks and the same to you
Merry Christmas to everyone!!  Thanks for a great site and am looking forward to 2011 and a great Dakar!!  Speed on!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all.  Best of luck and a safe Dakar to Robby, Eliseo, all at RGM and all the Speed Demons!


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