Every week it seems like 3-5 guys are attending Goodyear tire tests and I can't ever remember seeing Robby's name on one of those lists. I don't really expect fairness out of NA$CAR, but this seems pretty blatant even for them. Anyone have any ideas here? Do the small teams decline the invitation due to costs? Or is this really just a way of allowing the big teams a little extra testing time?

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HA! hat's even teh article I read to make me post this. I guess I need to read more carefully!!
Robin Pemberton says this morning on SIRIUS that teams are not compensated for the testing.
Perhaps any lack of RGM participation in comparison with others, is a decision on their part.???
I know RG tested @ Indy on 6/2. He was late for his Menard's appearence because of it. He also said, he was within hundreths of the 14,& 39. Those 2 were fastest all day
Yeah - he arrived late and left early that day. Me & the kids showed up at Menards 20 minutes before the appearance end-time and he was already gone - on his way to Eldora for the rain-out. They were crushed - they had been looking forward to finally meeting RG.
Man, you must've just missed us. Robby hung outfor about 10 minutes after the line was gone, signed a bunch of stuff for store employees, shot the shit & left rightabout 20 til. The crew was actually in the plane (or airport bar) waiting on him. I dunno where they were going, but they'd just got in from Indy,& Rob grabbed some rental from Midway & flew up Cicero. Traffic sucks, the roads (potholes, craters) suck worse, theres red-light cams every other block,& the streets are lined with pedestrians. Robby must've been thinking it's like an urban Baja experience
Yeah - one of those store employees told me he just left - couldn't believe I didn't see him on the way out. We would have made it in time if not for the frickin urban jungle you describe. Couldn't make any time at all on the side roads.

Oh well, 2 hours in line at Chicagoland will fix it all with the kids.
when driver hears tire test, in his mind, it means, Free Test Session with a small amount of cars.
Oh ya, don't think for a second they don't pay attention to who's crackin the fastest laps on those tires...& tweekin the car to run 'em as fast as possibile


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