Roger Penske will switch to Ford in 2013

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Hopefully the last Everham motor blew up last week .

Robby said in interview that the engine was hurt becouse of the EFI-burnt piston

This is HUGE. How does it affect RGM, not much since he doesn't have full factory support anyway, but who is left to develop Dodge engines and the 2013? Curious to see what Dodge does with the proposed uveiling at Vegas next week of the 2013 car.

Let the speculation begin on which team(s) will replace Penske with Dodge. Unless Dodge decides to get altogether. I know we have already seen a sneak peek at their 2013 model, but it wouldn't shock me at all to see them call it a day.

looking at jayski team charts MWR is the only team with a listed Manufacturer contract year of 2012. ....other than that I don't think any of the big teams would switch to Dodge but some of the smaller could, front row ,parsons ,baldwin , germain, and JTG has seemed to want to get out from mikes op so...but none of those teams build their own motors so where will the horses come from?

in nationwide and truck series the dodge teams are a mix of arrington, elliot and pensky motors.

A key factor is the engine programs.None of the B teams have an engine program and it's very expensive to start one from scratch.

Exactly! My guess is if Dodge starts to court "B" teams, Dodge will have to aline themselves with a company like Traid who can be the manufactures engine supplier. And if a team wants to start to build their own engine program that Dodge would have to embrace and support those teams with some financial and product support.

Also I forgot as I thought a most logical team that could consider a switch would be Ganassi, but then I just remembered last year they just renewed their manufacture contract with Chevy. A big part of their decision to stick with Chevy was in part of the relationship Ganassi and ECR's engine program have. Ganassi said in a statement that he was not wanting to get back into the engine building side of racing as the costs dramatically increased and you have to supply engines to other teams to make it profitable.

Not much shocks me in racing any more, but this has my jaw on the ground. This is just a stunner. You are going over the exact same points that came into my mind as well. What on earth is Dodge going to do? How can they unveil their (sharp) new car next week with no teams under contract?

Is something else underway -- another shoe that hasn't dropped -- or did Penske just drop a bombshell on Dodge from nowhere?

Team Gordon (the leased assets of Irvan Simo racing) started life as a Ford. Then Team Gordon started existence as a Chevrolet, switched to Ford, then to Dodge, then to Toyota, then back to Dodge. It would not suprise me at all if RGM was to switch to another make for 2013. I would believe if after the year that he still is standing by Arrington engines, then he would still be a Dodge. I would see a team such as BK Racing (Team Red Bull) getting the Penske contract, that is if Dodge stays in Nascar. When all the chairs are moved, there is always a place for Roger Penske, very smart business man. Cant wait to see how Penske and the Cat in the Hat fight over the Ford racing funding.

Here is the Press Release;

* Roger Penske returns to Ford in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, starting at the 2013 Daytona 500

After a 10-year hiatus, Penske Racing returns its two-car NASCAR Sprint Cup operation to Ford Racing beginning with the 2013 Daytona 500, and if its latest term is anything like the most recent one, Ford fans will have plenty to cheer about.

Penske Racing, recognized as one of racing’s all-time great teams, most recently spent nine seasons with Ford from 1994-2002, posting 27 wins and 33 poles among three drivers. In addition, its teams finished in the Top 10 48.6 percent of the time (228-of-469 starts).

The organization first raced with Ford in 1976 and 1977, before coming back in 1994. In total, through 524 NASCAR starts (509 Cup Series and 15 Nationwide Series) with Ford, Penske Racing teams earned 28 victories (27 Cup Series and one Nationwide Series) and 42 pole positions (36 Cup Series and six Nationwide Series).

“This is an historic day for our racing program, and we are thrilled to see another member of the extended Ford family coming back,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas. “Working together with Penske Racing gives Ford another championship-level program, and we are excited to take our racing program to all-new levels.”

Penske Racing officially takes the track with Ford in the 2013 season, and the organization will be part of the competition debut of the 2013 NASCAR Fusion, which was first shown in Charlotte on Jan. 24, as part of the Charlotte Media Tour.

“It was important to get this agreement in place early so that we can plan ahead for the debut of the new 2013 NASCAR Fusion,” said Jamie Allison, Ford Racing director. “We will work with Roush Fenway on the final development of the new car during this season, but we want to be able to have our teams building their new cars for the 2013 season before the end of the year, as the transition to the new body is taking place.

“With the operations and technology resources Penske brings from all forms of racing, we know they will be a strong addition to our program, and we look forward to working with them and all our teams to create a stronger Ford NASCAR program with even greater depth.”

Added Roger Penske: “We look forward to joining the Ford Racing NASCAR program beginning in 2013. We appreciate the long-term commitment that Ford has made to Penske Racing and for their continued support of the sport.”

Penske Racing was instrumental in bringing the first four-door sedan to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series with the Taurus in 1998. As one of the teams responsible for getting Taurus on track, Penske worked closely with Ford and Roush officials in designing the car. They were rewarded immediately as Rusty Wallace won the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona in the car’s debut race.

Wallace was Penske’s lead driver throughout his initial time with Ford, and it didn’t take long for them to find victory lane as they won at Rockingham in only their second start. That was the first of 23 wins for Wallace, which ranks eighth on Ford Racing’s all-time list. Wallace, who finished in the Top 10 in points every year during that stretch, also dominated in qualifying, as he won 21 poles -- including a series-high nine in 2000.

The 1994 season was memorable as Wallace won a series-best eight times, including three straight in June at Dover, Pocono and Michigan. He also won back-to-back events at Dover and Martinsville in September en route to a third-place finish in the point standings.

After expanding to a two-car team in 1998 through the purchase of the No. 12 team from Michael Kranefuss, Penske oversaw the first series wins for Jeremy Mayfield (Pocono, 1998) and Ryan Newman (New Hampshire, 2002). Newman turned in one of the best rookie seasons in NASCAR history as he won the All-Star Race and captured six poles while winning top rookie honors and finishing sixth in the final point standings.

“Penske Racing contends for the Sprint Cup title every year, and our goal, with the addition of this program, is that Ford will compete for the manufacturers’ title every year as well,” Allison said.

Another statement from Roger Penske:
“Penske Racing has had and continues to have a terrific relationship with Dodge and we thank them for their partnership and their support over the past 10 years. Our organizations have experienced many great memories together and our teams are committed to produce wins and championships with Dodge this season. We look forward to rejoining the Ford Racing NASCAR program beginning in 2013. We appreciate the long-term commitment that Ford has made to Penske Racing and for their continued support of the sport.”

i loved how earnhardt used to trash how lame the taurus was


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