Roger Penske will switch to Ford in 2013

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Could this mean more Dodge help for RGM? Will Robby be the lone Dodge team to debut the new 2013 Charger?

the challenger is a far superior looking body, go all out and run it for 2013 js

Perhaps (pipe dream) RG will be the lone Dodge and Dodge will fully sponsor RG's ride and throw dev work into it......

Robby won't be the only Dodge. He may not stay with a Dodge anyway. This is a whole season away

RGM's biggest issue, IMO, is money. Whichever manufacturer can offer him free support and engineering, he will go with. The interesting thing I find is that he switched motors some time last year. I wonder if he knew that RP was planning on a switch after this season? I would like him stay with Dodge as his chassis are set up for that motor and the new Charger is sharp. Arrington however needs to step up his game. Those engines are now in the big league and motors that go boom or are low in power will eventually hurt his business.

Agree, I don't think this means anything for Robby. Dodge is either going to leave NASCAR (probably not), or they are going to pay a multi-car Team to use their engines. Robby is a part time NASCAR Team because of choice and financial position, so don't thinks means anything for Robby.

Penske press conference at 11:30 am EST per Sirius radio. Like the guys on the radio said, it does not make any sense and this is a huge bombshell to both Dodge and Penske. They cant remember a season where a factory backed team would announce after the first race of the season that they will be switching manufactures at the end of the season. These are moves that come out typically in October not February.

One other huge blow is the fact that Penske has been very vocal saying being the lone team with the manufacture has been a plus to them as all resources are directed right to them and not split or shared with other teams. This was a big part of Penske wanting to stay with Dodge. Also Penske has been very involved with the new 2013 Dodge Charger which is scheduled to be unveiled at the Las Vegas race next week. Penske was suppose to be part of that big announcement.

Also if Penske does makes it official and does go to Ford, does Penske run under the one team engine plan that Ford has established with Roush? Or does Penske brake away and build his own Ford engines? How many jobs does Penske cut if he is running the Roush/Yates engine package?

And last but not least this deal has to have been in the works for awhile as these contracts dont happen overnight. Who does Dodge have to replace Penske in the Dodge camp? Dodge has to have a plan. Does EGR jump back to Dodge, Does Dodge woo over two or three "B" teams to switch to Dodge. Tommy Baldwin has had a past relationship with Dodge at both Bill Davis and Evernham and is showing results.

I'm will bet a beer that Dodge isn't really giving the support to Roger that Roger expects.And a second beer on Roger will build his own engines.Roger won't won't rely on what Rat in the Hat gives him.Remember when Busch complained they wheren't getting the support they needed? Maybe he was right.

Don't forget UltraMotorsports either.....during his time there, Baldwin ran Dodges in the Busch Series under his Tommy Baldwin Racing banner.

Maybe Dodge leaves Nascar? Are they selling that many cars now through their association with Nascar, in the Cup series with just 3 cars (sometimes only 2) on Sunday?

The real question should be who's going to build the crappy dodge motors ? I don't see anyone jumping over to dodge for that reason. Maybe Robby can sign a big deal with dodge and start a engine program like Everham motorsports back in the day.

Where do you think those Evernham motors are now?


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