The weekly "will this be a S&P race?" talk is driving me nutty. Same questions, same responses different venue.

I drank a lot in college, but I can still formulate enough short term memory to recall this season was planned to be part time. If you want to see more Nascar racing - buy more Speed Energy Drink.

On a personal note: I think the Nascar series (with the exception of a few races) is relatively boring. For my money, other venues (e.g. Rally) are more interesting.

Now, on to the point of the thread:

I'll start with my usual "Thank You" to TOG for the site - I'm here everyday and appreciate the news.

- Start the Speculation - what events, venues, series, etc. do you think we'll see RG attempt in the near future? (other than Nascar....that's plenty covered elsewhere).

When Red Bull pulled out of Nascar - I saw this as a signal that they figured out the primary energy drink demographic isn't Nascar fans. I tend to agree. My personal observation is that it's mostly 15-25 year old males who drink the stuff.

I'm fairly certain 15-25year olds are not watching Nascar regularly. I'm pretty sure RGM and the folks at Speed Energy know this too.

So - the real question is: What do they (15-25) like to watch...that's where we need Speed coverage/participation/sponsorship.

I'd be intersted in thoughts and reactions to the above

I'd love to see Speed Energy start a racing series of their own. Motorcycles, or lower end "boy racers" on temporary city circuits. Using vehicles that 15-25 year old's like. It would be fun to watch and would probably help sell a bunch of speed.

Your predictions? Wishes?

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MMA is the number 2 watched sport among young men behind the NFL... this goes back to the 15-25 age demographic that was talked about earlier
"truly the bad boy of cup"...... really ?
I live in Northwest Montana. Skiing and snowboarding as well as Snowmobileing are big up here and British Columbia. Speed should tap into the snow sports. Shawn White and other pros are sponsored by Red Donkey and Munster. Would cost less to sponsor these type of athletes and get great exposure to the right demographic. Red Donkey sponsors the pond skiming event every year at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Lots of folks see there logo all over and it doesn't cost much to sponsor the event. Great bang for your buck.
Not to mention the downhill skiiers, who travel down the hill at speeds up to 90mph. SPEED!!!!!
@El, you also have Montana Raceway Park


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