The weekly "will this be a S&P race?" talk is driving me nutty. Same questions, same responses different venue.

I drank a lot in college, but I can still formulate enough short term memory to recall this season was planned to be part time. If you want to see more Nascar racing - buy more Speed Energy Drink.

On a personal note: I think the Nascar series (with the exception of a few races) is relatively boring. For my money, other venues (e.g. Rally) are more interesting.

Now, on to the point of the thread:

I'll start with my usual "Thank You" to TOG for the site - I'm here everyday and appreciate the news.

- Start the Speculation - what events, venues, series, etc. do you think we'll see RG attempt in the near future? (other than Nascar....that's plenty covered elsewhere).

When Red Bull pulled out of Nascar - I saw this as a signal that they figured out the primary energy drink demographic isn't Nascar fans. I tend to agree. My personal observation is that it's mostly 15-25 year old males who drink the stuff.

I'm fairly certain 15-25year olds are not watching Nascar regularly. I'm pretty sure RGM and the folks at Speed Energy know this too.

So - the real question is: What do they (15-25) like to watch...that's where we need Speed coverage/participation/sponsorship.

I'd be intersted in thoughts and reactions to the above

I'd love to see Speed Energy start a racing series of their own. Motorcycles, or lower end "boy racers" on temporary city circuits. Using vehicles that 15-25 year old's like. It would be fun to watch and would probably help sell a bunch of speed.

Your predictions? Wishes?

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WOW! Thanks TOG! ....Time for a new thread" Please read page 2 comment 8 of the " The to where from here thread" or maybe just a header on the main page.
that is why i am a Robby gordon fan right there telling it like it is F-nascar
Um, when was the last time RG watched a replay of qualifying? Sad truth is unless he's on one of those "thing of beauty" runs, Robby gets the most TV time when they think he's gonna run a leader hard before falling a lap down. I'm really putting all my optimism toward something poppin in favor of 2 cars @ Dega. Maybe Robby should go arm wrestle RC again, for a full race drafting partner, lol. Point being, theres all kinda exposure available there, & dare I say a chance at a W.
Jeff I certainly appreciate your passion for JV and I will agree that he has had sucess across different racing series......Nationwide vs Cup and Road Course V Ovals are different beasts all together.......

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion......I dont think that was JV first time, even this year, in a Nationwide car....albeit still pretty impressive to get the pole.....however he is still winless in both Nationwide and Cup.....Robby has won in both series. While JV is an accoplished Road Racer he is probably struggling to find Sponsors in NASCAR for many reasons and I think one of the primary reasons is that NASCAR is an Oval series and Ovals don't exactley jump out at you on JV's resume......I disagree with your statement he could whip anybody's ass given seat time becuase he has had seat time and hasn't whipped anybody's ass yet.....JV has had sucess for sure as a driver, but alot of drivers who have had sucess in other series have come to NASCAR and found out sucess in other series doesn't equate to sucess in NASCAR.........Until JV shows me on the track, in NASCAR i just don't buy he is more "talented" than Robby...after all Robby has won in NASCAR.........
Jeff, has Vill won in NASCAR? Nationwide? Dakar? SCORE?

Winning the Pole is like winning the first quarter, you still got 3 more to go. At the end of the day, Robby can look up at and point to a sign and say "score board," and the statistics prove who is the better driver.
Just because you are good at one discipline of racing does not mean you'll be good across the board or even deserve looks at from owners/potential sponsors for other series.

JVs Stockcar Stats
19 Stockcar races.
6 DNFs
10 finishes off the lead lap.
Average Start = 12.45
Average Finish = 20.23
1 DNQ (2008 Daytona)

And yes he has won the Indy 500, when 14 people DNF'd and only 7 finished on the lead lap, oh and the actual winner Scott Goodyear was DQ'd for a BS penalty.

And his F1 career got worse with the more experience he got.
dude JV was the rightful winner of that race, he got a two lap penalty for the same thing and made up those laps. He was fast as hell and deserved the win.

and who cares if 14 people didn't finish? DNFs were always high at Indy, look at some results from the 70's.

I don't agree with the penalty either but JV didn't luck into anything.
Lol......I think it's a bit of stretch to say JV is more talented than Robby. Robby has driven - and won - in everything. You could put wheels and a motor on an old bath tub and Robby would get air time with it - and win.
JV was a great driver, once upon a time. Its 2011. JV should be in sports cars if he still wants to race.

But that's not really the point. The point is, even someone as high profile as a WDC can't get sponsorship to run on a regular basis.
Comparing RG and JV is like comparing apples and oranges. They only raced each other for two years in CART, and during that time JV was the better of the two, but Robby was also great.

JV never raced in NASCAR full time and RG never raced in F1. there really is no fair way to compare the two.


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