The weekly "will this be a S&P race?" talk is driving me nutty. Same questions, same responses different venue.

I drank a lot in college, but I can still formulate enough short term memory to recall this season was planned to be part time. If you want to see more Nascar racing - buy more Speed Energy Drink.

On a personal note: I think the Nascar series (with the exception of a few races) is relatively boring. For my money, other venues (e.g. Rally) are more interesting.

Now, on to the point of the thread:

I'll start with my usual "Thank You" to TOG for the site - I'm here everyday and appreciate the news.

- Start the Speculation - what events, venues, series, etc. do you think we'll see RG attempt in the near future? (other than Nascar....that's plenty covered elsewhere).

When Red Bull pulled out of Nascar - I saw this as a signal that they figured out the primary energy drink demographic isn't Nascar fans. I tend to agree. My personal observation is that it's mostly 15-25 year old males who drink the stuff.

I'm fairly certain 15-25year olds are not watching Nascar regularly. I'm pretty sure RGM and the folks at Speed Energy know this too.

So - the real question is: What do they (15-25) like to watch...that's where we need Speed coverage/participation/sponsorship.

I'd be intersted in thoughts and reactions to the above

I'd love to see Speed Energy start a racing series of their own. Motorcycles, or lower end "boy racers" on temporary city circuits. Using vehicles that 15-25 year old's like. It would be fun to watch and would probably help sell a bunch of speed.

Your predictions? Wishes?

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I have a fairly large group of 20-30 yr olds at work.By far they're major hobby is video games.
The import car scene tried to secure this age group and had success until that group got older and the new group went back to video games and the import car scene is all but dead.
Maybe it's a regional thing.
Mike, I gotta respectfully disagree. For instance the Chicago Dub Show sponsored primarily by a competitor is still growing. I understand what you mean about the trend, but that underlying culture is still healthy. All thats changed is the "Fast & Furious" hype crowd that bought a ton of bolt on/stick on/plug in crap has moved onto a new fad.
Formula D is another thing still picking up steam in the midwest.
Lost steam here.Northwest. Drifting has as much interest here as figure skating.Maybe it's a regional ,or a lack of venue thing.
Figure skating's not big up there? No f'n way! what about curling? prolly right Mike. Dont forget most auto trends start on the west coast & move East. Cali IS car culture land...
I have bought about 6, 24 pac cases since the inception (no not all for me).
Buying speed is good for the company, but not the major influence on NASCAR racing for RGM.

The S&P deal, take it for what it Is I guess. This NASCAR business is one of the hardest things to do business wise and at least we have someone to cheer for a few races a year.

Supporting your driver goes farther than just buying product. With that said, ill support RGM for the vast majority of what they do, and there is noone else I would root for.

Now your question, I would expect to see the same we have seen the past few years, just my opinion.
Hey Wheaton, were not trying influence Robby to stay in NASCAR. Thats one branch of RG's motorsports ventures we're trying to keep afloat. Not trying to knock your approach, but I think you may misunderstand.
RGM(the M stands for Motorsports) is not in the business of selling energy drinks...They are sponsored by one. However SPEED ENERGY is in the business of sponsoring race cars. Without SPEED, cars(&trucks) go bye bye...hope that helps.
I'm sure Robby's glad your pumpin your fist at home, but if you really want to go beyond fan, to supporter...spread the word...with an ice-cold SPEED ENERGY in your hand....& dont forget, sharing is caring ;^)>
So if the 15-25 market is the largest group of Energy Drink buyers, and if one of their favorite games is NASCAR racing, then it is important for RGM to have a car in the game with Speed sponsorship.
The Gran Turismo video game franchise is the most successful in history with over 100 million games sold.
The energy drink market demographic don't buy a Camry, Fusion or Malibu.
There's a reason Red Bull is leaving NASCAR and why you don't see Rock Star and Monster in the Cup series.
If there was another U.S. racing series on TV that paid $75K for running 10 laps every week RGM would be running in that series instead of NASCAR.
Red Bull is not leaving NASCAR. They are divesting themselves from team ownership, but have said several times they are more than open to remaining a sponsor.
While I think Nascar is a good venue to promote anything, I also believe you need to be at least a top 20 team before people take your sponsor seriously. People want to buy Speed Energy Drink because it's associated with winning not 35th place.
You're right. This is why I refuse to ship UPS, buy a Stanley Tool at Target or ammo at Bass Pro Shops because they're outside the top 20.
I guarantee you that despite the poor finishes (Not qualifying in Cup and 31st in Nationwide) the Michigan/Montreal weekend, the amount of screentime Robby got for both Mapei and Speed Energy is enough to have considered the weekend a success, from a business standpoint. I will bet dollars to donuts that sales of Speed went up noticeably following the good run (albeit not finish) at Montreal.


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