Martinsville is a strange little track, and one that RG really does not like. That being said, nothing surprised me at all about the outcome of the race as far as Robby was concerned. It's funny but I knew this was going to be a tough season with limited sponsorship on the Nascar side, and RG's usual miserable luck hasn't helped. As long as I have followed him I have known that Robby is a driver who wants to race absolutely everything he can sit his butt in, and I have to respect him for it. I don't always like it, but racing anything and everything is what makes him Robby! My rose colored glasses broke a long time ago, but I still support the man. If you're in it for the long haul as I am, drop by with a positive post from time to time. I think the Man and RGM as a whole would appreciate it! 

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Wow Path, way to get the troops stirred up!

Personally, Robby's lack of success in NASCAR and the domination of big money teams has driven my interest to that of a casual NASCAR fan. Years ago I would attend a half dozen races or more a year and I would park myself on the couch every weekend for the races. Now, I find myself just checking out the race from time to time or moving on to something else when it is apparent that Robby will have a poor week. I don't let it ruin my day or week.

I do not see the team turing things around for a while but will still cheer on Robby and keep my fingers crossed that he races at Dover and Pocono. I'd love to see him and the team be a real competitor each week, but that is just not a reality at this time.

Probably not the kind of positive post you were looking for but at least I show my support and refuse to bash the team.
nobody is even bashing...thats the funny thing
Robby will never make everybody happy.Somebody will always moan. Good news is they usually get over it, most do.
ya miserable is alittle far get frustrated thats just the way it is. In the end the happy fans and the frustrated fans root for the #7 when sunday comes around
been said 1,000 times by 1,000 different people. Enjoy the off weekend.
Ya, enjoy the weekend voting for Robby in the All-Star Race, when ever you get a chance!!
I agree
I really hope Robby gets to run at Indy. If he finishes well there, it could turn his season around, and make a bunch of money to boot. Maybe enough to keep his Nascar team alive.

Any idea who Robby was considering to run his car while he was Monster Truck racing?
This is off subject, but did any one notice the hauler in the tweet photo of Robby overseeing the team? In that photo, the hauler has the RG car graphic logo on it, but has the number 49 in the graphic. Anybody know what is up with that? Is that the BAM (or second car hauler)? Sorry, was just paying attention to details and it peaked my curiousity. Any info would be cool? Thanks.
& btw: I am a superstitous numbers freak, who has always had the number 7 for everything. & to this day, I still think it was awesome that Robby picked the number 7. Ok, enough rambling.
I noticed that too. I assume that is just a secondary hauler, maybe they used it at Daytona. I still think the 49 will run the road course races...
I will always support RGM. Robby to me is a driver in a class all to himself. To me he is a great, tough and real person. I'm looking forward to work at Darlington (Safety Team) and to cheer on RGM.


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