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Just a heads up the team is testing at VIR this week. Kimi Raikkonen will test on Tuesday while Robby Gordon is out west on business.

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Erm, Kimi has never raced a touring car in his career. F1 then rallying. And really no comparison between a touring car and a COT in any event. Touring cars are 2 litre engine, front wheel drive, 300 bhp and 1200 pounds weight. A COT is none of these.
I thought he was a Red Bull Dude
I'm in shock that Red Bull let this happen
SPEED Energy isnt on the car..The car is just all black with a #7 on it & it's only a test session.
Does this does not mean Kimi will drive 07 at Sonoma right?
means that Kimi is testing a cup car for the first time while RG is out of town. Somebody had to test it, might as well be a world champion. Great exposure for the team. WIN/WIN
Kimi Raikkonen is wasting no time acclimating himself to NASCAR.

Raikkonen, the 2007 Formula One world champion who finished 15th in his Camping World Truck Series debut Friday at Charlotte Motor Speedway, spent Tuesday testing a Sprint Cup car for Robby Gordon Motorsports at Virginia International Raceway.

"I called Robby because Kimi wanted to test a Cup car," said Todd Hirschfeld, who is managing Raikkonen's racing effort in the United States. "It worked out because Robby had another obligation. So Kimi is taking care of the car today, and Robby will show up tomorrow.

"And it's up to Kimi whether he stays tomorrow, heads back to Finland or stays to run the Nationwide race Saturday at Charlotte," he said.

Raikkonen has reportedly committed to running Saturday's Nationwide event, but Hirschfeld says otherwise.

"I've seen the story where he's committed to run the Nationwide race at Charlotte, but he has not told me personally whether he'll do it or not," Hirschfeld said. "There's a car and team ready to go, but Kimi himself has not yet committed.

"He's taking this whole experience day by day," Hirschfeld said. "I was told before I started working with him, but this is the truth -- Kimi does what Kimi wants to do."
I had wondered during my NASCAR daydream , what if Robby could get Kimi to drive for him on a road course car that would be big PR and a good RC driver to boot. So far it's kind of coming true, he is in an RGM car on a RC , just not a race.
That is great news, I know a lot of people will probably be thinking this means that Kimi will drive for Robby, to them, I say chill! The guy wants to test a stock car on a RC and thats what he's doing. It just happens to be for RGM. Be happy
Robby WILL test tomorrow.
If you watched the Truck Race fri night you noticed Kimi had a RedBull hat and helmet as much as I would love to see him drive for Robby I just don't see it happening
ALso don't forget Red Bull doesn't have a driver signed for either car next year
Doesn't have to drive a SPEED Energy RGM car ....


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