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Wow this would be an interesting story to hear all the details.

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Time will tell us 1/2 the true story.
The rest we will never know.

official comments from dakar web page still on-line:

"Orlando Terranova is also capable of putting on a show and proved this fact yesterday with the second best time. However, after an argument in the evening with Andy Grider, his co-pilot, the latter decided to leave the rally. As a result, Toyota Hilux No. 308 did not take starter's orders this morning. These types of trials and tribulations are unlikely to happen with Giniel De Villiers, who lost a good quarter of an hour in the dunes, but who hung on to fifth place in the general standings, 21'01” behind “Peter”."

Only Andy can tell us what really happened. I do not trust Orly Terranova.

I wonder if Grider stopped by the RGM camp before leaving spreading morale..."Beat their ass."

"Personal Reasons" that just tells me that he was not fired, AG left because he wanted to or he had to and they had to had a signed statement as legal CYA now, they don't talk about what these reasons were but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to stand up for your beliefs, principles and self respect beyond any financial interest.......Andy Grider is the MAN.

Noone would be fired in the middle of a rally. You would be disqualifying yourself.

If this driver speaks English then they would be able to verbalize while in transit. I can't see having a Driver and navigator with a language barrier between them. If things get hot while on course you can bet when the vehicle stops thats when it boils over. And i'm sure anybody who has been on "One of Those Road Trips" can attest there is an isolated form of confrontation when confined in a vehicle, it seems like no other, that transforms into something else when the vehicle stops. And blowing by bikers at ......lets say an arms length and having to stew on it for the ride will have you a blaze come shut down. That being based on a hearsay statement a few songs ago.

So 2 in this photo want to join up with Robby on rest day. Allowed?

From Corsa with google translate but you get the idea that the media is flipped out-
This statement is to confirm my retirement from the Dakar 2012. Unfortunate family events require my presence at home immediately and any delay in my departure could mean a deep regret in the future. " With these words, the American Andy Grider said Thursday the reasons that had led him to get out of the race in which he was navigator Mendoza Orly Terranova. It took digest such news as the day before the duo Newfoundland Grider had a brilliant performance Toyota Hilux with the Toyota Rally Team Branca Ovedrive assisted in the fourth stage which allowed him to come in second place. But the situation was understandable ... Then came a series of bickering they did think there was something more to this surprising departure from Grider. He spoke of discussions tones increases, which confirmed Newfoundland, although noting that it was understood by rubbing the career and the lack of knowledge of both the Yankee and joined the project just days before the start Dakar. The truth is that Overdrive was responsible Grider immediate fix to return to the U.S., including a direct trip to Santa Barbara to not having to drive for five hours. Grider promised to send mail on arrival, but never came to the U.S.. I decided to stop in Chile ... To visit some friends! On Friday night a Chilean journalist retuitió a photo that Grider was at a dinner with members of the team trasandino Tamarugal. The image was on the wall itself the Facebook of former navigator of Robby Gordon, who was wearing a t-shirt Overdrive and raising his glass to toast ... way too happy to have a personal problem. The people of Overdrive and echoed information and did not hide their surprise, even think it could be a plot against Argentina's most likely ... A new chapter for an unusual story of a career that always holds suprises.

In the comments of the fb photo Ricky Koutzoukis posted this about their plans-
Ricky Koutzoukis No still in Santiago matt, this is jps house, Andy and I are trying to jump on robs team on rest day in copiapo!
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Ricky works at King shocks. The guys are still wearing their wristbands for clearance into the bivi.
Nuff said ???

BTW Zoom, Ricky is the longhair on Andy's left.

It just keep getting funnier with the translation -

I never heard an explanation for why they were given that 1 hour penalty on day 2.

I wonder if that was the beginning of things ?


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