Hello, I'm gearing up for Dakar and was wondering if there is a list of Instagram, twitter, etc accounts of team members to follow? I love getting those on the ground in the heart of Dakar photos. Thanks for your help.

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Not sure that there's ever been a list compiled.
I follow along on twitter for pics, by searching multiple ways. I kind of love pics, so I usually end up with more than I should.

I recently was looking around and found this one that I wanted to use for a desktop for a while....

.... such a cool shot.

Yellow wheels. Hummer 2

The hashtag #TeamSPEED will be the primary tag during Dakar.

Looks like Toyo and Race Dezert will be covering the Dakar closely this year as well. http://paddocktalk.com/news/html/story-269374.html

Cool thanks

I don't even know what the hell a hashtag is ..........There used to be a buffet style restaraunt where........oh hell.

You're good for a smile today.

Toyo Tires does their own website with embedded people in Robby camp and RDC this year. This was last years site updated with 2015 info.



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