This years Dakar is starting off in fantastic fashion! I see Tatanka sauces as a sponsor of Planetrobby! I'm not a guy that would buy a sticker (I have no place to stick one!), but some hot, tasty & spicy wings is definitely something we enjoy in our house!! They have a special edition 308 / Planetrobby jar for just $9.00! Buy just 1 jar and help Tatanka help us! If you enjoy what the planet gives you, buy a jar....tell them Dave sent you;)!

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It's great stuff. I put it on everything. Eggs, tacos, wings, steak, eggs, and pretty much anything that needs a kick.
I bought a jar of the Special Edition and T2. Which should I add to my traditional buffalo style wings that are already pre seasoned? I want my wings to be the bomb at my Super Bowl party!


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