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After listening to Nelson Piquet it sounds like RG may be able to switch over to an ownership role in Nascar and possibly bring in a driver with their own sponsorships.
Nelson stated on XM today that his goal is to bring other Brazilian drivers to the U.S. and help them get into American Motorsports. Seems like with RG being more of an International team that the infrastructure is there for Nascar as well as all the other things going on at RGM. If he can find a "development" driver that can pay their way and use some of the stuff in the shop so it isn't collecting dust, it would be a win-win situation. There are already a couple Nationwide cars in the garage... right??? Probably a handful of cup cars, so find someone that wants to "Pay To Play".
RG could always run the Nascar races that are fun for him like Michael Waltrip continues to do.
Just a thought.

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all they gotta do is "show him the money"
Pretty sure any team out there could take on drivers if they are properly funded

A lot of the drivers that are coming out of Brazil lately with Sponsorship are doing so with some level of Sponsorship from TNT Energy Drink though.

I also know that this was TRG's stategy to get some people that could "pay to play". We see how that worked out. They seem to do it well on the road course side of things.

That was one of the big things that hurt indy cart, not enough American drivers.

with money, there is a ton of American drivers that can drive.they just don't have a pot to piss in much less pay a car owner to drive.

I may be in the minority on this, but I don't think RG should be a NASCAR owner anymore. Between Speed and SST, he has quite a bit on his plate. Being an owner is not a part-time or low cost initiative. He may be better served at this point to pick his spots in NASCAR as a part-time sponsor, focus on growing Speed and SST and racing like he does in offroad. Running a NASCAR team is a lot just by itself. Add to it trying to get a start-up energy drink company going and a new racing series and it becomes damn near impossible to do them all with the effort required to make them all a success. Become a part-time sponsor with an effort on maximizing your exposure dollars, maybe become a road-course ringer in either/both top NASCAR series, and focus on the two efforts that need the most time; Speed and SST.

Besides, we all know that NASCAR sucks from a racing standpoint anyways......

I would assume if he did not have 7 or so years invested in NASCAR (as an owner). Tools, Equipment etc that are specific to NASCAR and therefore a SH!TLOAD of money sitting idle in the shop, he would walk away and focus on these 2 new brands. But with all that capitol it is hard to just leave it. Just my opinion, its all about $$$

2 brands, more like 5 IMO. RGOR is 2 elements in its own,IMO. The TT program ,the DAKAR program makes four,even part time CUP makes 5.

That's what I count....

nascar is stupid money , if you run outside the top 10 you get zero exposure,,,they don't run underdog storys , the field is shrinking by the day Roush can't field 3 fully sponserd teams,,,,,,the reason is ,,,,it's not worth it any more,,,,too much money, It was said in the past how NASCAR was a deal and the fans were the most loyal,,,,So NASCAR pimped its crap all over and milked it to death, the Frances own NASCAR and then bought /built all the tracks ,took races away from loyal classic tracks ( we need more 11/2 mile tracks ,, yea more Fontana ) and then took the best sponsors for the series ,,,eliminating the rest of that industry and all this while letting the big teams EAT ALL and drive the pricing out,,,,,,NASCARs demise is about Greed , you know 3billion i isn't enough,,,
I would rather see RG run some nationwide road courses ,I know it's not the top level but, it won't cost 150k for a motor and it's solid comp, then again F,,, NASCAR let Hendrick battle Tony Stewart oooops Hendrick BTW how many Hendrick cars on Sunday and how many Roush cars,,,Yea NASCAR didn't let that get outta hand

Unfortunately, there's NO money for teams to run Nationwide or trucks, even if you win. Unless you have a full sponsor covering expenses, teams are losing money racing there. All the other series people mention are actually worse purse money-wise.


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