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So is starting 5th good or bad, I know 1st is what you would want, but how does 5th rate?

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I suppose it's better than starting last

Ya think so WJM ?

starting 5th out of how many?

like 80 or something - seems to me it's crazy cool that RG managed a fifth in a complicated form of racing that he doesn't do.

and by watching the Q footage BC did up for our enjoyment.There's alot of single track.Starting near the front will be good.
Things start early tomorrow and remember their racing the clock.8:00AM PST start. Yes there will be 'chat'

Last year they started in groups of two, side by side. I believe from what I'm told, starting up front helps a lot because of traffic at the rock sections (Box) as it's called. Different box sections have nick names.....up front better


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