Cant wait to see what the spec limits are. i thought it looked really close to a pro2 narrowed front axle beam span maybe and not much longer than a cherokee so if anyone knows a link i will definetly look to start a build.thanks rgm for the show last nite that rocked on u stream

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I thought it was the Celine Dion version of AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long. Or maybe it stuns him. I can't remember.

You make him drink a red bull , monster , or rockstar lol . 
Found this sick video on Bigfoot's Facebook page.

that was good


Since Robby is basically bringing back what used to be the Mickey Thompson Stadium Series i thought you might like to see all the legendary drivers who were Champions

1983 - Ivan Stewart
1984 - Ivan Stewart
1985 - Roger Mears
1986 - Roger Mears
1987 - Jeff Huber
1988 - Rod Millen
1990 - Ivan Stewart
1991 - Walker Evans
1992 - Rod Millen
1993 - Rod Millen
1994 - Rod Millen

where did you find this info.

i was trying to find out who raced in the 90's

I just saw this on Twitter and have a question for the Planets off road peeps. Are paddle shifters the norm for off road trucks? I know very little, so I'm trying to learn enough to have a conversation.

Not really the norm no . On another note I see door bars in these pics , I was pretty sure there would be . I know someone was asking bout them in 1 of the other pics cause there werent any . 


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