Cant wait to see what the spec limits are. i thought it looked really close to a pro2 narrowed front axle beam span maybe and not much longer than a cherokee so if anyone knows a link i will definetly look to start a build.thanks rgm for the show last nite that rocked on u stream

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It looks like all trucks are going to be built by RG and not by anyone else. People will draw randomly for the trucks so it will be an even playing field each and every week. Weird...

Then rg would have to own and dyno every week then repairs etc. this wouldnt make since. cmon planet police help.
For the main truck class, Gordon plans to feature spec trucks each with the same engine and chassis – drivers will even draw for truck numbers at each race so they will not race the same truck each time. Currie Enterprises helped build the first Super Truck Gordon demonstrated at the event, and the idea is to create interchangeable trucks that are similar but can accommodate small fine-tuning adjustments for each race team. For instance, Gordon explained that springs could be changed out, suspension tuned, the choice of tire manufacturer given to drivers (and then tire pressure decided upon by teams), but overall each truck would be fundamentally the same. Only two mechanics will be allotted to each team as well, so as Gordon noted drivers must choose wisely.

So it becomes a drivers race with limited team suport. ok so i like most teams can pay a fee to draw and not have to be factory backed.

Any one notice Monster got in the pic too!!??? WTF!!!

Dang it then i should vinyl wrap my semi trailor for speed energy and park it at specific events since i haul for broadway express and do entertainment for fox cbs nbc lol

Actually, I hope the Stadium Super Truck series does not get into the stupid "exclusive sponsor" nonsense. If Monster wants to sponsor a driver, or a truck, fine, let them. If Goodyear or General Tire wants to be a sponsor, great! The more the merrier.

Blocking potential willing sponsors would be a sure way to kill off (or at least severely limit) the series. There are several examples around to prove it.

I agree, but this was, I would guess, a Speed Promotional Photo...just sayin

you clearly don't see Luke & Ricky Johnson with RedBull

On the feed last night they said there would be no exclusive sponsors. Everyone is welcome to bring their sponsor dollars. He even mentioned how Verizon and ATT are excluded from Nascar even though they would like to spend millions to sponsor teams and that would not be the case in SST.

The 'inclusion' component of the series is one of its strongest selling points. The exclusivity / monopoly bullshit has become the deal killer for so many teams and drivers. By including all parties you also create a open marketing competition of sorts that brings more exposure to the series. A win-win.

Yeah there are Monster and Red Bull hats. I agree with alan4s, don't block out sponsors...


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