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2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters

Grand Prix of St.Pete
March 10-12

Practice and Q ,Friday 10th
Race 1 ,Saturday 4:35 pm/et
Day Light Savings Time (Spring forward)
Race 2 , Sunday 11:00 am/et

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2017 St. Petersburg Entry List. Racing March 10-12
#1 Sheldon Creed
#7 Robby Gordon
#25 Arie Luyendyk Jr.
#47 Jeff Hoffman
#55 Gavin Harlien
#57 Bill Hynes
#67 Paul Morris
#75 Davey Hamilton Jr.
#83 Matt Brabham
#98 PJ Jones

I'm pretty sure this is Davey Hamilton Jr's Rookie SST start. Davey Jr. is a pretty good Pavement Wing'd Sprint Car driver. I've witness'd him drive at lovely Evergreen Speedway.

Qualifying results from St. Petersburg.
1. Robby Gordon 1:36.182
2. Sheldon Creed 1:37.647
3. Paul Morris 1:38.597
4. Gavin Harlien 1:39.447
5. Arie Luyendyk Jr 1:39.657
6. PJ Jones 1:39.662
7. Matt Brabham 1:40.031
8. Davey Hamilton Jr 1:42.006
9. Bill Hynes 1:49.443
10. Jeff Hoffman 1:50.192

This is great, looking forward to the race.....SST is packed with action!

Go #98 PJ Jones!!!!!

SST driver autograph session today at the souvenir trailer! The signing begins at 3pm/et.

The trailer is located near turn 6 at the Grand Prix Of St.Petersburg

SST St. Petersburg Race 1 Starting Lineup - Green flag at 4:25pm/et
1. Jeff Hoffman
2. Bill Hynes
3. Davey Hamilton Jr
4. Matt Brabham
5. PJ Jones
6. Arie Luyendyk Jr
7. Gavin Harlien
8. Paul Morris
9. Sheldon Creed
10. Robby Gordon

WOW, that move RG made on Arie with 5 to go was unreal, that car was way out of shape. What a pro.


SST Race 1 Results from St. Petersburg
1. Robby Gordon
2. Sheldon Creed
3. Paul Morris
4. PJ Jones
5. Arie Luyendyk Jr
6. Davey Hamilton Jr
7. Jeff Hoffman
8. Bill Hynes
9. Matt Brabham
10. Gavin Harlien
Race 2 is on Sunday at 11am/et

Bad a$$ race, RG has some car control. One more lap and Sheldon would have wrecked them.

Thanks for posting, looking forward to tomorrow...

I think That race ends differently it this were Sunday. SC could have turned him. Gotta keep them running until Sunday!


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