Planet Robby

2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters

Long Beach Grand Prix
April 7-9

Practice and Q ,Friday 12:20 pm/pt
Race 1, Saturday 5:05 pm/pt
Race 2, Sunday 4:05 pm/pt

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2017 Long Beach entry list. April 7-9
#7 - Robby Gordon
#25 - Arie Luyendyk Jr
#50:1 - Jeff Hoffman
#52 - Davey Hamilton Jr
#55 - Gavin Harlien
#57 - Bill Hynes
#67 - Paul Morris
#75 - Erik Davis
#83 - Matt Brabham
#98 - PJ Jones
#257 - Myles Cheek
#441 - Troy Diede

Sheldon is running a K&N East event

whoops my bad, Sheldon is in Nashville for the ARCA race. He probably wish's he was in Ling Beach after Q'ing 15th
MavTV 9:00 pm/et

#257 Myles Cheek making his SST debut. Myles won a Super Trophy Kart event at a SST Stadium race, moving up to a SST.

Q is in the books
1. Matt Brabham
2. Robby Gordon
3. Arie Luyendyk Jr
4. Paul Morris
5. PJ Jones
6. Gavin Harlien
7. Jeff Hoffman
8. Myles Cheek
9. Erik Davis
10. Davey Hamilton Jr
11. Troy Diede
12. Bill Hynes


Today's starting order, and Green flag at 5:05pm/pt. Watch here via "Facebook Live!"

1. Bill Hynes
2. Troy Diede
3. Davey Hamilton Jr
4. Erik Davis
5. Myles Cheek
6. Jeff Hoffman
7. Gavin Harlien
8. PJ Jones
9. Paul Morris
10. Arie Luyendyk Jr
11. Robby Gordon
12. Matt Brabham

Going Live at the SST website.......

SST....great racing as usual!!!

Drivers are getting better....Robby couldn't pass the front trucks, that say's a lot of the competition.

The SST Podium Video added, this is great......good job all involved in extending the coverage.


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