I don't see the St. Pete Grand Prix (or any US venues) on the SST website. I know we are in Dakar mode right now, but can we get a confirmation that they'll be in St. Pete?

(Also, can someone remind Robby to bring a merchandise trailer this year - there were a LOT of folks who would have bought gear last year if it had been available.)

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The 2016 SST Schedule will be out soon, but I'm pretty confident St. Pete is back on it

Thanks. I assumed they'd be there. Now what about that merch trailer?

It's this weekend. How about that merchandise trailer?

It's out west.

Well that stinks.

Ill send you some pics of it from the party here at the Mint 400 ;)

There were tons of folks at the SST pits last year asking about souvenirs. Robby himself told me, when I asked him, that he missed a great opportunity. I understand resources are stretched thin, but there are so many folks out here that are new to SST, its a shame they can't indulge their newfound passion. Even if the Traxxas trailer had some hats or tee shirts or something.

Who is racing this weekend? How many trucks? Didn't see anything on sst website

2016 Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg Entry list. KMC Wheels Arctic Cat - ATVs Traxxas Speed Energy Drink TOYO TIRES

#1 - Sheldon Creed
#6 - Tyler McQuarrie
#7 - Robby Gordon
#14 - Pat O'Keefe
#20 - Dustin Scott
#30 - Augie Lerch
#47 - Keegan Kincaid
#57 - Bill Hynes
#67 - Paul "The Dude" Morris
#83 - Matt Brabham

No Burt Jenner?

I'm thinking his sponsor didn't step up. I believe it's fifty grand a weekend I believe ...

I thought it's like 15K


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