Huge robby fan and fan of SST anyone have any idea how the series is doing financially? Been to a few of the races and have watched almost all that have been televised and the stands are never even close to be filled and one can only imagine the extreme costs to build/prep/rent all the equipment needed for these races. Hoping to keep the series around for years to come!

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@Bigzoom, I miss hearing Robby yelling "This F@#$%^& won't turn for shit". Miss watching him on Sunday's. I also know it's over. Bummer it is. What I really enjoy is the new direction RGM/RGOR is going. One more thing talk about a business savvy person, Robby continues to move forward with successful decisions. "We are all just along for the ride. Enjoy"

Agreed, I'm on both The start and park days were no fun...when he was fully funded with JimBeam now that was racin'. Glory Days for RGM in NASCAR.
At least Speed Energy has taken never say never...I'm talking about way into the future..with another driver behind the wheel, Robby on top of the pitbox. Until then I'll buckle up and pull those belts tight. Robby is the pilot of the big machine that has enough room to fit all the planet members. Gas On

Interesting thread - sort of. I enjoyed TOG's post.

The recycled NASCAR subject is truly getting old - though, I understand the desire to have something "every Sunday".

I may be the contrarian here; but, I like the SST in the Indy/road course format much better than the stadium format. It sort of feels like the series may be 1 or 2 tweaks from really taking off. I like the adjustments to changing realities.

While I wish RG every success in the SST series (and, I do hope it's successful) - if it isn't it will be just as interesting to see what RG does next. I watched him race Mickey Thompson at Anaheim Stadium, 24 hour, SCORE, Indy Car, Champ Car, NASCAR, DAKAR, SST, (insert next item)

The creativity, "imagineering" and unknowns are part of what makes RG fun to root for.

I think the timing for this is a bit unfortunate. I'm no marketing guru...but, it seems that advertising is really changing. Traditional formulas for return on investment are crumbling daily with companies using all sorts of new (relatively unproven) methods to advertise.

I would think that hurts RG a bit. Not just selling a series/format but also trying to sell how the advertising/sponsorships will pay off. 10 years ago - the latter "sale" would have been a given.

You know what I miss? Speed.TV. That was awesome....and, I'm sure it was expensive. But, Glenn Beck is now bankrolling wholly supported by internet (vs. network or cable programming)

Compared to my "stare at the computer" life - watching all the things RG does in a week/weekend was really interesting. Maybe he needs a spray tan, boobs and a huge massive butt (Kardashian reference) - folks seem to enjoy watching that trash.

Here's to a great X games weekend.



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