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Speed is now in VEGAS! Saw it this morning on the front counter when you check out at Terrible's in Southern Highlands. Just FYI Vegicans.!

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Before I order…. what is everybody’s favorite Speed flavor?????
go for FUEL first.
oops sorry tog... i made a topic asking the same question.... wanted to see what everyone has to say ...
Straight up, I's orange flavored heaven that stuff...REALLY good...

As for "mixers" I'd have to say Octane and others have said the Unleaded go better with vodka...though Fuel is pretty good too, especially with Stoli or Absolut Vanilla...
Vegas- Warnsprings & Eastern Terribles.. Small store..Lotsa Energy Drinks.. Mother Fer!! paid $7.58 for a Orange 4 Pack!! Wife taking it to work.. More of a slow it down type a
TOG-Yellow car on here is SHARP!!
just a nonsense coment, said to wiffy lets get naked, she says leave me alone and go get some more speed, i'm dyeing if i'm lyeing


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