Daymnnn, thats some good stuff.

Speed Energy you nailed it, the taste is great, not too bubbly, not too strong.
Just recieved my 2nd batch of 72 cans, and I'll be ordering more soon. Not counting the 50+ cans I got from Menards while on vacation 2 different tmes.

and NO, I dont drink them all myself. I give them away and sell them on the speed black market in my town and at the races we go to because its not in stock everywhere here.

Just trying to get the name out.

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have not been able to taste it yet, the buzz when people get to drink a can around here is the yellow octane is the best. kids say they get a better rush off them, psychological or not. be really nice if it could catch on, play up the yellow can.
In my opinion, yellow is far and away the best. The orange one tastes almost medicinal-flavored, but it's not in a bad way, if that makes sense. The pink one is okay. As far as my taste buds go though, I'll spend my money on yellow over the others. Haven't tried green yet though.
stop by Chevron at yorba linda blvd and valley view Tuesday hopping they would have the new flavor and they had only a couple of cans of the pink and yellow they were out of orange which i like best so i grabbed a yellow can and with crv and taxes it was $2.20 for a 12oz can now i am not a big consumer of the energy drink market but i find the prices outargues.
i understand this is a new product trying to launch but i just cant swallow those prices for a cool drink.(pun intended).
know if they had specials like 2 for $3 like the other guys i could go for that.just my .02 cents.
@Brian, sounds like a retailer's issue,not Robby's.The good news for you is you have multiple retailer's in your area. I still have none.
I have one in town, but as easy and cheap to buy online

$1.70 per can after shipping.
Brian, "Outrageous" is a bit strong. The $1.99 retail price point per can is right inline with other energy dinks. Like all products they do discount them from time to time. Used to buy Monster all the time at full price and at a discount. Some weeks Monster was 2 for $3 other times it wasn't. Both GNC and Menards have run specials on Speed and I have taken advantage of the GNC SPEED sale several times. I have ordered with free shipping and 10% off at least twice. I have also paid $1.99 at a Superpumper gas station in the Phoenix area, and I was delighted that I could.
HA I wrote Energy Dinks thats a good one!
not a big consumer of energy drinks so never paid attention to the cost of such things but thought they would be in line with a soda i guess all that caffeine and stuff cost more to produce.16oz would have been more in line with a $2.20 price but have not seen them yet.
My local 7-11 sells the 16oz cans at $1.99 each. My local 76 gas station sells the 12oz cans for $2.99. When the 76 station was the only place near me where I could get speed from, I used to buy two or three at a time. Now that I found a store with a better deal, I buy at least six of the 16oz cans at every visit.
Most of the other energy drinks usually retail for at least $2.00 so the price of a speed is along the same price line as other brands.
Correct me if I am wrong, but online only 16 ounce cans are available. Did Speed Energy's marketing department determine that offering a12 ounce can hurt potential sales due the consumer perception that they were getting less product for the same money? I just wish it was available somewhere in the Wilmington/Philadelphia market.
Haven't checked since the store refresh, but IMO 16oz is the way to go. Like you said, perception. Sure it's a better product, but theres the competition offering 4oz's more for the same price.
I think the 16oz can is best for ethanol, its refreshing like gatoraid would be, bit more bubbles. I think the other three are prob better in the small cans due to the flavor and taste of each.
Of course its easy to say since they are already that way, but still good.


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