Is Robby going to be at the Speed energy trailer today?

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UPDATE: Trailer is at Richmond
Thanks, I am not up on current events much, I was on a mission this week so not really a chance to watch TV.
Trailer is here
Cool..good to hear.
I tell you what, Robby is the greatest, he showed up early at his trailer and was handing out speed energy drinks!! Shame he got caught in an accident but when the repairs were made and he salvaged some points, I cheered!! Coolest driver in the game!!
I was shocked to see the trailer fri morning although it made my weekend actually Robby handing me a Speed Energy after I bought my flag and taking a pic, with me made my weekend
fuck yeah! Did you try ethanol ? Greatest Energy drink ever.
Ethanol is what he gave me and I agree it is the best ever
Its way better than red bull, they should sell it at the military bases!! Its better than red bull and we know who owns speed!!!
Any word on the trailer being at NHMS?
isn't NHMS a Bruton Smith track now? Yes (I was having a memory lapse) so I'd guess no.
Forgot about that. He cant even sell merch?


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