So I rolled into my local AM/PM this morning and the 1st thing I spot is a Speed Energy tent, then a black Polaris racer and finally a merch trailer all decked out in Speed logo's. I'm thinking to myself did I just teleport to Phoenix because that's where the street team is. I run in to pay for my gas before I hit the trailer and BAM!!! there it is, speed energy stocked in my AM/PM. I grab a couple of 4 packs, find that I get to enter for a Slash truck, thank the clerk for stocking Speed and exit the store to find my wife already buying me some merch. I start talking to the guy that races the Polaris and can't get rid of this feeling he looks familiar, turns out he was one of the guys that raced against the team I was on in Vorra 20 years ago. Anyways long story short and not sure if he has been mentioned but his name is Sean Cook and is racing in the Vorra series and HDRA. Good to see him still living the dream and sporting Speed logo's!

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I ran there for years. series champ. class 5 car,class 1 car and class 10 car.

i went to my local Terrible Herbst this morning (Centennial location here in Vegas) and they have removed it from the shelves. They said it was due to lack of sales. They have a few cans left in the "dairy" section. When those are gone, they will not be reordering....

A brand new Menards just opened in metro detroit (chesterfield, mi) they have 16 ounce cans, (no green)!!

Speed Energy had a table set up in front of 7 11 in Long Beach on Shoreline Dr a couple days ago, next to LBGP track

Nothing like starting early for exposer...

Any one read the Denny Hamlen comment that he got the 25K fine for? I love NASCAR, I do, but boy do they need racers like Robby! Their big controversy is "the car sucks"... WOW, that's not just white bread, but white bread AND butter!!! I'm not a "good old days " guy, but see what happens if you throw a helmet today!!

From Speed Energy Nor Cal facebook:

Don't forget everyone tomorrow afternoon 4-7pm the SPEED Energy street team and race car will be hosting a sampling at the Chevron gas station on the corner of McHenry and Orangeburg in Modesto. Stop by sample some SPEED Energy and say hi.

That tomorrow is today if anybody is in the area and wants to stop in.

For anyone not familiar with the Modesto area McHenry is the main drag. Show the crew and Speed some love and check out Sean Cook's Speed Energy Polaris.


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