So I rolled into my local AM/PM this morning and the 1st thing I spot is a Speed Energy tent, then a black Polaris racer and finally a merch trailer all decked out in Speed logo's. I'm thinking to myself did I just teleport to Phoenix because that's where the street team is. I run in to pay for my gas before I hit the trailer and BAM!!! there it is, speed energy stocked in my AM/PM. I grab a couple of 4 packs, find that I get to enter for a Slash truck, thank the clerk for stocking Speed and exit the store to find my wife already buying me some merch. I start talking to the guy that races the Polaris and can't get rid of this feeling he looks familiar, turns out he was one of the guys that raced against the team I was on in Vorra 20 years ago. Anyways long story short and not sure if he has been mentioned but his name is Sean Cook and is racing in the Vorra series and HDRA. Good to see him still living the dream and sporting Speed logo's!

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Cool story, but never make any reference to Bam in any form around us.........

lol, I see what you did there

good point RG7fan, I forgot all about that nightmare

Too cool! But where is this local AM/PM?


Sonora, CA and just read on the Speed Energy Norcal facebook that Speed will be coming to Walmart

Good to hear you guy's got some Speed love.

speed freak is he going to race with speed stickers on car (if he does i hafta help him I check point pit chief for VORRA)

I believe he will be Tim but I can't say for sure. With the way the car was stickered up I can't imagine they will be coming off.

just found out speed will be a sponser / series advertiser for VORRA not sure how big or details

That's awesome, I'm gonna try to go to a couple of events this year since it's been almost 20 years. That was some good memories especially when I got to race in the mechanics race.

I used to race VORRA back in the early to mid 80's when Ed and Jenny Robinson ran the series. Virginia City was always my favorite race.


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