The guys bought a Razor and it had great advertisement for SPEED ENERGY. When they took the vehicle to took it to the dunes the decals were gone. Any idea why?

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I am building a teryx

very nice... i have a loaded teryx with all xmf long travel and cage.  i put a dasa big bore kit in it.  i love it!  let me know if you need anything.  what year are you building?

What is your top speed on your teryx

i have a very light 2 seat with a bed delete kit...  i have the clutch and weights setup for my motor and the tires that i run at dumont (90% of my riding is at dumont / glamis) top speed is geared for 72-74 mph on gps.  i did 66 on gps on a stretch of durango here in vegas (ran out of road). 

My boss went out to Las Vegas last year to attend a classic car auction so he stopped by to see the pawn star place.... They asked him if he would sell antique guns that were not his to them.... He had to sign a waver that he wouldnt say anything that the guns were not his and that the show didnt put him up to selling them.... The real owner of the guns didnt want to be on the show.. The show is a joke

well every reality show is fake

wow way cool eddie! way cool i hope get to see the episode!


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