The guys bought a Razor and it had great advertisement for SPEED ENERGY. When they took the vehicle to took it to the dunes the decals were gone. Any idea why?

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Conflict of interests.

I guess they do sell Stacker 2. I guess we should be happy with what was shown.

My take is that despite the way it was edited they truly did not buy it until they took it for a test at the dunes. What you see with them rolling it off the trailer with the logos on is pre-buy and then when the decals are off it's the 3rd or 4th run at shooting that segment which happened after they bought the Razor.

The show has a pretty stacked history of faking stuff and/or presenting them in a different light then what is really happening.

The show is fun to watch some nights, but it is scripted and rehearsed most if not 100% of the time. The most insulting episode was the one where they "found" a new Cobra in an abandoned storage unit. What total bullshit......

Yeah, but it was a Cobra CSX4000 continuation car. Not nearly as rare and collectable as an original Shelby Cobra. SO not that far fetched.

@7gason7. Sorry dude, that episode was a fake as can be. Sure it was a continuation car, but no one would abandon a car like that in a storage room. You have been watching too much Storage Wars LOL

Hey I am the one who sold the rzr xp 900 to pawn stars robbie gordon is my favorite driver as far as offroad racing thats why I put the speed logos on I dont know why they too them off but I am building another side by side and it will have the same speed logos

cool deal. Congrats on the exposure.

natron008 called it.

The guy didn't claim any relationship to RG and actually never mentioned him at all. Said he added the roll cage and "doors" himself. Obviously a fan of Robby - perhaps he's a lurking member of the Planet??

Thanks Eddie

actually they did talk about speed and RG but they never showed that part because of advertisement

what are you building now eddie? 


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