off road racing is badass because you can get so close to the action on the track. just dont drive on the race course!!!! looks like JCL had to move someone out of his way. classic. saw this on RDC this morning...

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with the help of a lot of dust, still there, was no match for Juan at the end,. lol
pay attention at 48 seconds, everything is lodgical if they would think before they park themselves at these events near misses like this one would be avoided.

doesn't even look like anyone tried to move out of the way

I have to ask, but I would think people get hit by these trucks? They just walk in the road like they can't get hit just for a picture.

Plowed into? He brought in about the most speed there, modulated the brakes, kept it pointed the right way and took off. It was very RG like IMO.

everybody probably thought it was RG that's why they didn't move lol

most defiantly he did an awesome job,
If it wasn't for the rock that got in his way, he would not have wasted time changing the tire. he would have won the race.


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