so iv been telling the clerks at the circle k right by my house to get the drinks one day she pulled one out but wouldnt sell it.said the stocking company gave it to her to give to the owner to see if they would stock it.couple days later this other dude that works there told me that there other store... a 76 gas station which happens to be by my brothers house had them already.. so i went today and non on shelves so i asked the dude told him i drove abit to see if they had them and he pulled some out from the back.. long story short he gave em to me for 1.00!!! so i bought 5 of them haha!!

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Rene - SPEED is tough to find in San Diego.
Private message me back with your number. I can help you out.

well i have some for now so im good il llet you kno if i need more. thanks though! i kno theres a fellow planetier that has a sandwich spot in imperial beach called freds subs who i met tracking the 1000 this past year. he sells speed energy at his sandwich spot. haven't had the pleasure yet but i will soon

I have gotten a case at the am pm 6616 miramar rd and camino santa fe they had abunch of cases and even got a discount for buying the case $18.00 but they where the 12oz. you can always give them a call, i need to buy some more actually.

fyi Brandywine Liquor in the Southbay.
Just up the hill from Southbay Motorsports.

nice, closer to home

Every liquor store in Ocean Beach has them...$1.99 each. OB...where the ghetto meets the sea!!!

nice i love ob!! galegers is awesom


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