Heard Robby on the Down and Dirty Off-Road show say he has finished a deal with BigBoot! I think this is a good place to advertise SPEED I hope it all works out and it helps the overall picture of RGM!

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looks like this is up robbys future

Didn't even know Bigfoot was still around. Thought the only monster truck arena ws Monster Jam. Wish it was more main stream. Where does it race, run, or even be seen.

So whats up with this ? Have not seen to much on this. Didnt see Speed on big foot anywere.

This was stated by RG 2 weeks ago. Give it some time. Things are not instant in the real world. The internet works much faster.

Trolling their facebook page I found this:

The Metal Mulisha truck in the BigFoot shop
The Metal Mulisha truck was the RGM monter truck chassis.

I remember when that pic first was posted people freaked out because Monster Jam trucks were in the BigFoot shop and the response from BF was basically "Hey we're all friends & we'd rather have them working out of a proper shop than working out of the hauler in a parking-lot".

Not true.

I asked Todd LeDuc on Saturday at Syracuse if he was driving an old RGM built truck and he didn't really answer. I also told him he was drinking the wrong energy drink. Enjoy!

I need to drive over to the big foot shop. 30min. away. lol Need to get gas when im in Mo. Il. sucks, up to $4.00 + a gal.here.


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