Does anyone know if Bashas in AZ will start selling Speed? It would be nice if they are... and will it be all stores? Any info would be great. I have been stocking up when I go to CA but would to buy it locally.

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Can't speak for anything official...but Robby stated during Speed Week that he could offer companies space on his car for shelf space next to Red Bull & Monster in their stores....genius marketing!
No speed energy at the trackside store as of monday but that could have changed we will see
I would think around the weekend.
Hey TOG do you think it will be at all Bashas? or just the one by the track? I do have to say the car looks great... But I am a really big fan of the reverse black/orange..... the backup for the 500 was sweet!
Here is the response I received from Basha's this afternoon

Thanks for your e-mail, John. This drink is so new to the market that there isn’t even any local distribution—yet. Speed Energy, which is Robby Gordon’s company, will soon ink a deal with a local distributor, at which time we’ll have the product.

Rob Johnson
Public Relations
Bashas' Inc.

So, it looks like no Speed Energy in Phoenix for the race. We even made a trip to the track this afternoon, no merchandise trailer for Robby for this race ( unless they are running late)
Thanks for the info and inquiring. Soon I can just go down to the corner.
I went to the closest Bashas and asked as well and they had no idea what I was talking about. And had no idea that they were on the car.... looks like I will have to keep stocking up on my trips to CA.....
Nice exposure for Robby and his partner Bashas' with fox slow mo camera !!
Sharp Paintjob!! As usual..
Car looks great...thought we would see a pink car...maybe a later date.
Bashas' is a family-owned grocery store chain with more than165 stores serving every county in Arizona, in addition to locations in California and New Mexico. They will also be on the #4 Camping World Truck this Friday night also.

We need to see the SPEED Energy Brand on the #77 Camping World Truck!
#4 Camping World Truck? Hmm. I believe that is a Monster sponsored truck. Is this a slap in the face to Speed Energy or Monster?

I'm pulling for Scranton Prep's Chase Mattioli Friday night. I don't expect a whole lot out of him but it is good experience. With only 41 trucks entered for the race, less than a full field for the Nationwide race entered and one or two GOGH cars in Cup, NASCAR is going to have to seriously reconsider the Phoenix event following Daytona.


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