If you're a fan of Speed Energy and live near a Menards store, you might want to check your local store. No promises, but this is what just arrived at the Menards on the south side of Milwaukee!

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Green is the best for us to at the roller skating rink.Our Menards in Ofallon Il. don't have it as of last week. Anyone around Ofallon or Du Quoin Il that needs any just call the rink in Du QUION.

Chicagoland, mt prospect menards has it in stock.

West Duluth, MN, has some still. I tried to buy them all but apparently 228 cases is too many to take across the Canadian border. Long story.......:-)

Speed Energy has made it to the Menard's in Mankato, Minnesota!

Maybe my Menards in the metro will have it then!


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