If you're a fan of Speed Energy and live near a Menards store, you might want to check your local store. No promises, but this is what just arrived at the Menards on the south side of Milwaukee!

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You gave me an excuse to go to Cheyenne tomorrow

I did not find any Speed today at the Cheyenne Menards.

Anyone ever visit Menards in Minot, ND?

The Sunocos no longer have it around here ...there are no Menards. I know I can orweder a case and do it that way but........it's been a while since i've had a can.

Lookin' good....

Was in Ankeny Iowa Menard's last week, no such luck yet.

I really like Speed Energy, but it's nowhere to be found any more in San Diego.

Menards is a partner with RGM Motor sports?

have you tried 4Wheeled Parts in El Cajon? No,I don't know how many miles/minutes away from San Diego it is.

Yes - 4WheelParts on El Cajon has a small SPEED cooler and sells SPEED & Lake Jennings 7-11 has some.
I had 3 to 6 stores that I could hit on my way from work to home that sold SPEED - No Longer!
Comments I got: Not selling or No deliveries!!
Getting harder and harder to find in SD - SPEED locator map hasn't been updated in quite some time.

House of Motorcycles off Emerald & 78 has SPEED.

The pallet display that I saw must be coming to most Menards in the near future (It had literally just arrived when I stumbled upon it). Speed Energy is now advertising it on the front page of their website:


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