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Is Menards gonna stop selling speed energy drink? The Menards by my house hardly had any speed & they were discounted. Does anyone have an idea whats going on?

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i went to menards in normal, il and they have the 12 oz cans on sale for $4.99 clearance and then the 16 oz cans for $5.99. I bought a pack of the 12 oz Unleaded and I hate to say it but I could not even handle a 3rd sip.....terrible. The orange flavor is good but when it is half sugar with beau-coup calories that does not help much.

+1 (sorry to say). Need an upgraded low-carb option.

also, thanks for the spelling lesson. never knew how to spell beau-coup.

Just a brief update. The Menards in Milwaukee no longer has 12oz cans... BUT the shelf is fully stocked back in the grocery department with all four flavors of 16oz can. So it's all good!

Just an update for the bargain hunters. My local Menards has te 12 oz cans for $3.00 right now.

I pay 2 bucks for 16 ounce ????

maybe for a 4pk

End of May I was in the Chicago area and at the Menards in Elmhurst area they had a full isle endcap with all 4 flavs. 4pk 16oz for $5.99

Yeah sorry, thanks it was for a 4 pack. I've been out in the sun all day so far so my brain is pretty toast.

Drink Speed for that.

sunoco in my area are in a lack of product funk...........unleaded only but to tell the devil I strongly prefer the Fuel

Yeah... It's for the 4-pack. Some of the Menards in Milwaukee recently got more of the 12oz 4-packs in again... and they are all clearance priced at $3.00. I was only a little concerned because some of the OLD LOGO 4-packs were on the shelf. Does this stuff have an expiration date???

Just to be clear though, all of the Menards that I've been to also have the 4-packs of the 16oz cans in stock selling for $5.99/4-pack.

G&M Foodmarts in Chevron stations in SoCal have 2 for $5.00 for SPEED.


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