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Is Menards gonna stop selling speed energy drink? The Menards by my house hardly had any speed & they were discounted. Does anyone have an idea whats going on?

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Are they the 12oz or the 16oz cans? I believe Speed is in the process of converting over to strictly 16oz cans (don't hold me to this!) so the 12oz cans are being phased out. In fact, there have been several "panic" threads on here when retailers had pulled off the 12oz cans off the shelves, only to have them replaced with 16oz cans shortly thereafter.

My suspicion (and I could be wrong on this as well) was that a lot of the 12oz cans that were pulled from other retailers made their way into Menards stores to be sold. My Menards here in Milwaukee for a couple weeks had a ton of singles in a cooler up front that looked like they had been to Baja and back in the back of the trophy truck. All dinged up and quite honestly not the best representation of Speed Energy. But... they sold out at the discounted price. In recent weeks, there have been sightings of 16oz cans at my store... albeit in small quantities. They got in Ethanol in 16oz cans a couple times... which I have promptly snatched up!

Anyway... long answer short... my guess is Menards is converting from 12oz to 16 oz. Again, just a guess!

My money is on this as well. While at Menards back home, they had HUGE stacks of the 12 oz product on sale and the 16 ooz products was on another endcap at full price. Simply getting rid of the 12 oz stock is all.

Robby on here, himself, answered several of these concerns.

16oz. All is fine with SPEED at Menards.

Just makeing sure because they didnt even have the 16oz. cans anywhere. I also snatched up the last of the 12oz. cans of Fuel & Unleaded. Thank you to all that have responded to my concern. I will keep my eye out for the 16oz. cans

At the Menards in Mankato I too saw the 12oz cans on discount by the front entrance. Was not concerned until I went by where the Speed display endcap usually was and there was no 16oz cans.. thought maybe it'd be by the other drinks but was not there either. Perhaps they are simply turning over product for a future promotion??

Yeah, I've only seen them trying get rid of whats left of the smaller cans. SPEED itself has been unaffected here and I'm 20 mins north of Minneapolis

Reunion. Grew up in Waseca. Reunion off. Gas on.

Was at Menards Fri,in So.Il. and they had 12oz on sale $4.00 a 4 pack. had lots of 16 oz. They told us all is good and sales are good. Menards workers love it ! Im telling you our kids love it. If Robby can get it out there this will be real BIG. We only have a mom and pop skating rink but we sell a lot of Speed.Stop in anytime MAXS would love it.Facebook us anytime.ALL-SK8.

same thing here in vegas two gas stations were i stop have run out (all but the sugar free) and know one knows if it will be restocked

Stop back the Menards in South Elgin Il. all of the 12oz. were taken off the shelfs & the selling tags were taken off the shelf too. Had only afew 16oz. of the unleaded & management couldnt answer my ? of whats going on hope they are not stoping

Your all asking some manager thats making $12.00 hr.About somthing he or she knows nothing about..At Menards they get in what they get in,Food,wood what ever it might be.They dont call up some part time manager and ask what he thinks he might needs or wants. lol.What the HELL did TOG SAY.All is good at Menards.Ok Im done.We need a race to B.S. about.


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