Big changes coming for Sprint Cup schedule

By Dave Rodman, NASCAR.COM
August 6, 2010
04:36 PM EDT

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. -- The 2011 Sprint Cup Series schedule will be released next week -- and at least two facilities have scheduled news conferences to reveal some of the changes to the public.

Chicagoland Speedway has scheduled a news conference for Monday, with Cup Series points leader Kevin Harvick and David Reutimann, winner of the most recent race at the track, along with NASCAR senior vice president of racing operations Steve O'Donnell planning to attend.

ISC spokesman Lenny Santiago would not confirm media reports that Chicago would play host to the first Chase race in 2011.

"What I can say is that our requests for realignment of our dates around Kansas Speedway and Chicagoland Speedway have resulted in some things we think will be exciting for our fans," Santiago said.

A spokesperson for New Hampshire Motor Speedway said, "We do not have any confirmation [of the schedule] as of yet. However, Jerry [Gappens, track president] expects that we will have an announcement early next week."

NHMS has played host to the Chase opener since the inception of the 10-race playoff in 2004.

Kentucky Speedway will hold a news conference Tuesday. It is expected the 11-year-old facility will get a Cup event for 2011.

Atlanta Motor Speedway on Thursday announced its 2011 schedule, with only one Cup date -- Labor Day weekend.

Kansas Speedway, which early this year announced plans to build a casino hotel facility on its grounds, also is expected to be granted a second Cup race date -- most likely from Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif.

NASCAR, which didn't respond to an e-mail requesting a comment, has repeatedly said track operators may request schedule realignments among their own facilities, with Kentucky's race apparently coming at Atlanta's expense.

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It's not a surprise to me . With visions of dollar signs before their eyes , they knew they had to add another race .
damnit. I now have an excuse to go to those races in 2011..
Buddy we have two casino's in town. RG still supports a previous sponsor by visiting one of them. The bad news is, thats ALL KS has to offer....that & this one redhead, lol
Ya truthfully, I don't see having a bunch of Chase banners up all over doing much to sell seats. I dont think having the race date after school starts is going to help families planning on attending. I dont think the race being against a Bears date is smart at all. Matter of fact, the only real bonus is, its not so damn hot out during the day. The fact that track execs are trying harder than ever to connect with Chicago people is a bigger loser than ever. Chicago is a stick & ball town...not motorsports. So thats a waste of dollars. Even our race fan rally will surely be affected. The weekly cruise nights it ties in with end Labor Day wknd. The baseball season is over by then for our minor league team, so they wont have the "after game" crowd...
It is what it is, I suppose
Silly? It's far from silly. With the rate the attendance is falling at some of these, most of these races sorry, all the folks like myself may get their wish for the racing to return to the old days and ways. There is no way the sport can survive going to tracks where unannounced attendance is 75% capacity. Chitown/Joliet started it's storied tenure by asking fans to purchase "season passes", I believe. Who of us can say they are really that worked up for the first race of the chase knowing it will be stock cars' version of a pillow fight. The track is boring and spread out. Have it boys knock yourself out of the chase by racing way.
Just you wait my friends for the day the word BLACKOUT starts being thrown around for races that are not a certain percentage sold out. Look for out going smiling young folks to be asking you what city your from real quick and poking a blackberry map building a "fan demographic" to get an idea of what percentage of increase they can get with a mileage radius black out. NFL STYLE !!
How many of you folks knew that the first Buffalo Bills game they stole from us to put in Toronto was going to be subject to BLACK OUT in the Buffalo area. They can do it, and they will when these temples of boredom are getting 60% capacity. Shuffling the deck and adding races to tracks that are sleepers is a slow killing field for the race fan and their interest. I just can't care right now it's way too far off in the future for me. and to be honest that what scares me the most...the future.
I hate black outs as much as anyone, but won't let it suck me into buying tickets to the event. It just means it is time for a ROAD TRIP! The travel isn't too far and there are lots of sports bars that will cater to out of towners. Charter a bus and take as many fans as you can with you. The fewer people that show up in the stands because it is blacked out, the less chance that they'll try that crap again.
KC has Oklahoma Joes BBQ, that almost alone deserves a race
I can pass knowing my bikes will go to a good home
OK OK OK, geez didn't mean to kick your puppy Doug. All I can say is Craig Rust better start sellin, if he wants people to buy this as a good idea.
Kansas Speedway, take a look at yourself here in a worn-out Mardi Gras outfit, rented for 50 cents from some rag-picker. And with a crazy crown on. Now what kind of a queen do you think you are? Do you know that I've been on to you from the start, and not once did you pull the wool over this boy's eyes?

You come in here and you sprinkle the place with powder and you spray perfume and you stick a paper lantern over the light bulb - and, lo and behold, the place has turned to Egypt and you are the Queen of the Nile, sitting on your throne, swilling down my liquor. And do you know what I say? Ha ha! Do you hear me? Ha ha ha!
Burtons trying like hell to do the same in NH, but people are such backward hicks there fighting it.
It's Official: Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1 date for 2011 ... Las Vegas race will be March, 6, 2011 (3rd race of the year) as reported on NASCAR Radio


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